Celebrating and understanding faith with children

Discover God together

Children experience worship differently than adults. Even though their questions, needs and fears are often not so far removed from those of the "grown-ups," they need answers at eye level.

That is why it is important to us as FeG Rostock to create spaces in which children can experience their worship service in their own tailored way. In age-appropriate groups we discover biblical stories by singing, crafting, painting, praying and playing together.

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Something for everyone!

The children's service takes place every two weeks parallel to the adults' service. After a common start, we divide into groups according to age. You can find out which Sundays children's services are held in our calendar.


0 - 3 years

Very curious and always on the go - these are our minis.

In a cozy parent-child room, there are lots of toys for the little ones to try out. Together with other parents, the service can be followed here via live transmission.


3 - 6 years

Lots of "how" and "why" questions and fun exploring the world - these are our explorers.

After an arrival time, we play, craft and discover stories of the Bible and get to know God as our friend together.


7 - 11 years

A thousand ideas and the urge to experience exciting things - these are our adventurers.

We have a time with a lot of action and a message that encourages. We want to learn with the children that God accompanies us in the adventures of everyday life and stands firmly by our side.