On the road together. There for you and Rostock.

What inspires us

You are unique without question - you have a background and a history. Maybe you even have plans.

You are a human being and as human beings we carry a longing in our hearts. We are looking for happiness and fulfillment, development and adventure, peace and quiet. We long to be loved and understood, sometimes by ourselves.

We are convinced that looking upward gives depth to shallow life, that the boundless love of God is great enough to satisfy our insatiable and restless longing. Christian faith is the invitation to discover God in personal everyday life.

Our vision

We as a church want to create spaces to encounter the living God in our own way, to draw strength and to serve people. To this end, we founded ourselves as a congregation in 2011 in order to do just that in Rostock.

We celebrate worship every Sunday - open to all, modern, close to life and accessible. We organize seminars and are committed to the people around us.

We are not alone with our vision!


... we belong to the foundation "Freie evangelische Gemeinden in Norddeutschland" together with more than 40 other congregations.

FeG in Norddeutschland


... we live active friendship with other Christian churches that form with us the community center in the Johannesweg. Come and visit us, especially on weekends there is a lot going on here!


... we belong to the Federation of Free Evangelical Churches (BFeG), an association of about 480 churches, which was founded almost 145 years ago. Thus we are represented in the Association of Evangelical Free Churches and a member of the Working Group of Christian Churches.

Bund Freier evangelischer Gemeinden


... we work closely with many churches of this city through our membership in the Evangelical Alliance Rostock.